Map Head Lesley Howarth

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Map Head  by  Lesley Howarth

Map Head by Lesley Howarth
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MapHead, (I guess the title says it all), is a story about an alien called Booth (MapHead) who can show a map of any place across his head. This story centers around two aliens, a father (Powers) and a son (Booth) who comes to Earth in search for Booth’s Earthling mother.When Booth and his father arrive on Earth they live on a tomato and often find the modern society quite bewildering as he struggles to understand rhymes and idioms used by the humans.As the story proceeds Booth finds out that one day a lady was hit by lightning, but fortunately for her she was saved a gold suited alien, who happened to be Booth’s father.

This woman and the alien begin to have a relationship and go on to travel across the universe, however she soon starts to miss Earth and wishes to return. As Power is desperately in love with Booth’s mother, he wipes away her memory and allows her to return to Earth.I remember having this book read to me during story time and could not help myself but fall asleep, however once I re-read this book as an adult, I could not help but feel a sense of sadness that I could not enjoy this story as a child.

It contains various aspects of humour as well as dealing with abandonment issues. Having said this, I feel that children will still find it hard to engage with this story as I felt the beginning of this was very slow.

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